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Butyrate is a essential ingredient to stimulate the integrity and normal function of the intestinal tract. Butyrate the key energy source for the intestinal villi, and plays a vital role in balancing a healthy intestinal flora. Butyrate promotes healthy growth, feed efficiency and stimulates the intestinal immune system.

Range Of Sodium Butyrate :

Encapsulated (Coated) Sodium Butyrate.
Encapsulated (Coated) & Flavoured Sodium Butyrate.
Super Encapsulated (Coated) Sodium Butyrate.
Super Encapsulated (Coated) & Flavoured Sodium Butyrate.
Dry Sodium Butyrate.
Dry & Flavoured Sodium Butyrate.

Advantages :

Fuels your gut cells.
Butyrate defends your cells from harmful substances to keep your gut healthy and disease-free.
Prevents gut inflammation.
It improves protections against pathogens via simulating the intestinal immune system.

Uses Dosage :

Common usage level of Calcium Propionate is 0.1 to 0.5% varies on products.

Storage Conditions :

Keep in a closely tight container. Store in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Protect again physical damage.

Handling Conditions :

Avoid direct contact with skin, eye and cloth. Avoid ingestion and inhalation.

Packaging Details :

25 Kg LDPE Bags

General Specifications :

Sr. No Parameter Specification
1 Appearance Fine Powder Fire Granules
2 Color White To Off White
3 Odour Typical Butyric Acid Smell
4 pH 7.0 - 12.0
5 Moisture /Water Content (%w/w)** Maximum 4%
6 Density 0.500 - 0.700 g/cc
7 Iron (Fe) Maximum 100 ppm
8 Lead (Pb) Maximum 30 ppm
9 Arsenic (As) Maximum 2 ppm
10 Cadmium (Cd) Maximum 2 ppm
11 Mercury (Hg) Maximum 2 ppm
12 Fluoride (F-) Maximum 30 ppm
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